The ever-growing, very complete and constantly optimized list of resources personally curated by me. The ultimate tools to make your marketing life online a breeze.

Some of these tools are free, for some other you have to pay a membership (minimal). Regardless of pricing and logging in on yet another platform online (I know), all of these tools were specially crafted by online giants to facilitate the process of you using their systems. Make good use of it!

Google Workspace

Get more done with business productivity and collaboration tools loved by billions of users.

Two weeks trial when signup$6/month per user


Create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, and drive sales.

Two weeks trial when signing up with a new account ($30/month)

Creator Studio

Merge your brand's Facebook and Instagram accounts, save time scheduling posts and get powerful analytics.

Free until Facebook realizes it is a very powerful tool

The cheese.

This section is to help you with the setup of the platforms that we can use to make your marketing a bit easier. There are easy, basic procedures and other ones that are not so much.


Measure the speed

of your website


Get analytics and useful data of your site


PPC ads and

keyword research


Measure your advertising and web performance.